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Freshly Squeezed Progress Report: Updating More Temporary Background Art

Last week, I reported that I had started updating the temporary background art for the rooms of the house in The Dungeon Under My House, my second Freshly Squeezed Entertainment project.

I continued the art updates this week.

Sprint 44: Pre-production and initialization

Planned and incomplete:

  • Create location art

I am sure that if I was a more competent artist or could afford to hire one that this work would be much faster. That said, I am very happy with how the house has continued to feel like it is coming to life.

The Dungeon Under My House - less temporary living room background art?

The Dungeon Under My House - less temporary kitchen background art?

Originally I wanted to keep the entryways between rooms dark to save time, but there was something compelling about allowing the player to peek into the rooms that they would enter.

My plan is to get rid of the “To House” button and eventually allow movement by clicking on the doorways and stairways the player can see. Coupled with some transition animations, it should make for a more intuitive experience.

But it also meant that I needed to pay attention to the limited real estate. The location view is already a subset of the window, and there needs to be space for the characters to occupy the room, so all of the room’s “stuff” needs to be near the top and back.

As a result, the “button” of any doorway is already going to be smaller. And I also need to make it clear that it is clickable. If the player is using a mouse, the mouse cursor and the doorway can have hover effects to communicate, but when the player is using a touchscreen on a phone or tablet, I’ll need to communicate that the doorway’s tappability differently since there is no such thing as “mouseover” in that context.

The Dungeon Under My House - creating outlines of various shelved things

The Dungeon Under My House - the main basement room

The basement is going to be interesting because I want to make the scene change when the player discovers the secret room in the basement that holds the ladder to the dungeon. So initially, there will be no hint of a secret room, and then later, there will be a visible and interactable secret doorway to the secret room.

All that’s left is the bathroom, and then I can refine the intro sequence, and then…well, just make the rest of the game, right?

Thanks for reading!

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