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Freshly Squeezed Progress Report: Not Much Progress This Week

In last week’s report, I continued updating the background art of the house in The Dungeon Under My House, my second Freshly Squeezed Entertainment project.

My plan was to finish the background art this week.

Sprint 45: Pre-production and initialization

Planned and incomplete:

  • Create location art

I basically had the bathroom and the second, secret basement room to finish.

But I didn’t spend much time on game development this week in favor of promoting my Black Friday sale at for both of my previous games, Toytles: Leaf Raking and Toy Factory Fixer.

Today is the last day of the sale, so please check them out!

Anyway, I’d like to think that if I had more hours to dedicate to my business that I could handle both promotion and game development, but sometimes I need to make choices. The Black Friday sale was urgent and important, so I focused on it, and I put in a token amount of game development work, but there really isn’t much to show for it.

So come back next week, when I expect to have more to show.

Thanks for reading!

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