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Better Value? Keep My Games Forever vs Only a Month of a Streaming Service?

Are these games a better deal than streaming?
Right now, for less than the cost of most streaming services, you can buy my family-friendly, leaf-raking business simulation game Toytles: Leaf Raking, and you get to keep the game forever.

You can even pay what you want for my family-friendly, toy factory worker management game Toy Factory Fixer:

Now, you’ve probably been aware, but many of the video streaming services seem to be deleting their catalog of shows and movies, which means their value is getting worse, and of course, after a month, you have to pay to continue getting access to their now worse offerings.

Meanwhile, I cannot foresee any reason to make my games worse for the people who want to play them. If you buy the game today, you get to keep it forever, and you get any future updates or feature additions for free.

So, I ask you, which is the better value?

Getting only a month of temporary access to ever worsening video libraries of major billion dollar companies, companies who have shown a desire to avoid paying the creative people who actually create whatever value they do offer in the first place?

Or keeping forever my hand-crafted, artisanal indie games about a leaf-raking turtle learning about entrepreneurship and about a toy factory with a quality control problem that needs addressing?

I’ll let you decide. But the correct answer is here and here.