Freshly Squeezed Entertainment

Freshly Squeezed Entertainment are polished, playable prototypes that provide complete entertainment experiences. Oh, and they are freely available, with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no personal data tracking.

Please let me know if you enjoy playing Freshly Squeezed Entertainment games, and if there is enough interest, I might consider making a “deluxe” version of your favorite game!

Freshly Squeezed

Toy Factory Fixer

A turn-based toy factory management game: hire & manage workers to ship toys

Available free for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, and Linux!

Toy Factory Fixer

The toy factory had an accident after one of the worker elves tried to automate the assembly of toys.

Now all of the toys are put together wrong, and you need to put the toys together correctly in time for the delivery deadline!

Learn more at the Toy Factory Fixer page.

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