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Coming soon to Android and iOS!

A turn-based toy factory management game: hire & manage workers to ship toys

Toy Factory Fixer game play

The toy factory had an accident after one of the worker elves tried to automate the assembly of toys.

Now all of the toys are put together wrong, and you need to put the toys together correctly in time for the delivery deadline!

Toy Factory Fixer main menu

Multiple Bad Toys come down the assembly line in production runs, and you’ll need to hire workers and place them along the conveyor belts in order for them to take the toys apart and reassemble them into Good Toys.

Workers use their strength to pull apart the heads and bodies of Bad Toys, which takes a few turns to accomplish. Meanwhile, more Bad Toys keep coming down the line!

Direct workers to use their crafting skills to reassemble the parts from your toy part inventory. Once the Good Toys are stitched together, they get placed back on the conveyor belts and head off to the end of the line for shipment.

Successfully ship Good Toys to earn money to hire more workers, and make sure you ship all the toys by the shipping deadline!

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