Toy Factory Fixer Privacy Policy

Toy Factory Fixer

I believe privacy is important for myself and my customers.

Therefore, I make privacy a central consideration of my game design process, starting from the original idea, throughout development, and all the way through to release, including bug fixes and feature updates.

Privacy policies disclose what data is collected, how it used, and with whom that data is shared.

The Toy Factory Fixer privacy policy is simple: the app collects NO personal data, such as your name, email address, phone number, or location. The app handles no financial or payment information. The app does not handle your phonebook or contact information. The app does not handle passwords or other method of authentication. It does not use your device’s microphones or cameras.

Toy Factory Fixer does not collect data, so there is no data used by GBGames or shared with 3rd parties such as ad networks.

However, in the app, there are links that take you to the GBGames website, and that link provides analytics-related data that provides information on the following:

  • Which button on which game menu was pressed (for example: the Main menu, with a way to determine what text over the button was presented at the time)
  • What OS (Android, iOS, Linux, etc)

The above data does not tie to any particular player, and is used solely to help me figure out how I can make games better.


Have peace of mind with an ad-free, safe game.

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