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I did it!

With 15 minutes to spare, I submitted my entry for LD#33, Free Me, You Idiots!

LD#33 Title Screen

It has no sound, and there is a lack of challenge which makes it hard to call it a real game, and the UI feedback is lacking to let the player know what is going on, but it’s complete and playable.

LD#33 Game Play

It’s also quite complicated! I created a simple yet effective goal-based artificial intelligence, a little economy, and upgrades. The thing I wish I had was direct conflict between the good and evil villagers.

But I’ll have more to say when I write the post-mortem.

For now, check out my entry at Ludum Dare, and if you submitted your own entry, please rate my game.

I’ll create a Windows port, soon. You can download the game for:
GNU/Linux (459K)
Windows (2.8MB)
Android .apk (3.6MB)

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a game! It’s been a fun weekend, and I look forward to playing your games!

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