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LD33: Ok, This Might Work Out After All #LDJam

LD#33 Praying Villagers

Last time, I said I probably couldn’t do a goal-based AI and so I was settling for a simpler state-based AI.

Well, I did a quick look at my last LD project, and I realized I had implemented a really simple goal-based AI. It’s kind of clever, and I implemented my own version of it for this project.

So now I have villagers who walk to the deity of their choice and pray, or go off exploring the world. I eventually want more behaviors, such as fleeing and bringing objects somewhere, but we’ll see if I need to.

I want to go to bed, but not before I ensure that the timelapse picks up something more interesting than a static screen.

LD#33 Visibly Worshipping Villagers

I put together a quick particle effect for when the villagers are praying to make it clear what they are doing. White particles are for good prayers, and black (not pictured) are for evil prayers.

20 hours left. Assuming my power doesn’t go out due to the storm, I think I have a good chance of getting something submitted in time.

For now, good night!