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LD33: Lunch Break and Progress Shots #LDJam

I came up with a name for the game. Originally, I wanted Imprisoned, but a quick search online found it was a somewhat popular name for a game.

So the name is now Free Me, You Idiots!, in the hopes that the game will actually feature some humorous personification-of-evil-interacting-with-morons action when I finally submit it.

In order to save time on art, I made simple solid colors with minor touches to indicate grass and water (water not pictured). I would have gone with solid colors, but now I can tell the camera is moving around the world.

To make a villager, I am just going to have a single sprite represent it. If I have time to create four or eight sprites to represent the different directions it could face, I’ll do it later.

So I took one of my wooden Mans:

A Soon-to-be Villager

pulled it into Gimp, adjusted the brightness and contrast, and added some eyes and an outline for a cape, and scaled it to 32×32 to create the little guy you see in the middle of this field:

The Villager in-game

As for the tree that imprisons you, I tried to make one, only to realize that the one I created in the mock-up looked a bit better, so I just took it and scaled it:

The villager next to your prison

Then I rewarded myself with lunch:
Peanut Butter, Raisin, and Pickle Sandwich

That’s my trademark peanut-butter, raisin, and pickle sandwich with cinnamon sprinkled in it.

No, I’m not pregnant. Why does everyone ask that?

What you can’t see pictured above in the screenshots is that the camera pans to wherever you click in the world. It’s a bit jarring, so I should probably worry about slowing down the interpolation at the end, but that will wait for polish time later.

But at least now you can navigate the fairly boring world.

Next up: I want to interact with the natives. The player should be able to select objects/entities by clicking on them, which opens up a menu and provides relevant stats in the HUD.