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LD33: Breakfast, a Nap, and Some Ideas #LDJam

After getting up way earlier than I expected and doing some work, I took a break for breakfast.


Scrambled eggs with freshly ground black pepper, buttered wheat toast, and of course a glass of orange juice.

I then felt that I needed a nap, and so did my cats. Here’s my angel food cat leaving his white fur all over my black Ludum Dare shirt.

Napping with cat

At various points, one cat would jump on me after the other jumped off, and I thought, “Ok, it’s time to shower and get the rest of the day started.”

Here are some ambitious ideas I doubt I will have time to implement:

Your followers can sacrifice something to you. It gains you energy, but sometimes they bring embarrassing things to sacrifice, like a mushroom or an old shoe. You can accept the sacrifice, but what will people think? I’d like some flavor text to make this kind of event more humorous.

Where are your enemies? Maybe your followers have to avoid getting caught by high priests and acolytes. If they find out what’s happening, they’ll triple bind your bonds, and you’ll never get out of that tree. But if you manage to convert an acolyte? Horrible things can happen, but not to you.

But even without these ideas, I have enough to start coding up something I can interact with. Let’s see how quickly I can build a world to move around in.