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LD33: UI Mock-up #LDJam

Imprisoned Mock Up

It occurred to me that I would need a HUD and some stats to show the player. Here’s a mock-up of the UI.

So, it will look very similar to an RTS. I hope it will be intuitive.

I figured that a big component of this game will be the loyalties of the villagers. They have gods they pray to, but you want them to worship you instead. So, you nudge, and you cast doubt, and you otherwise encourage them to make the choice you want them to make.

The more followers you have, the more influence you have, which makes it easier to get followers and influence them to do more.

I might find that the focus switches from removing those magic stones around the tree to increasing the number of followers you have.

I decided on going with a tree instead of a boulder as your prison because it will be easier to see how strong or weak it is. A discolored and wilting tree makes it clear that it is losing its hold on you.

1 hr, 15 minutes before Ludum Dare is a quarter of the way through. I should start coding something up now.