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Off to My First GDC!



After years of being one of those people who was a bit jealous of everyone who was going to the Game Developers Conference, I realized that I’m now one of those people to be jealous of. Today I will be setting foot in San Francisco, and tomorrow I will pick up my badge for the GDC!

And then I’ll be wide-eyed and star-struck and generally feel like the humble newbie I am. B-)

I’ll be attending the Indie Games Festival for the first time, meeting Ludum Dare regulars at the Ludum Dare meetup for the first time, and otherwise taking in the sights and sounds of GDC…for the first time!

I’ll be there through Saturday, so feel free to contact me through Twitter: @GBGames


5 replies on “Off to My First GDC!”

that‘s cool
tens of days ago, i just went to GDC China to attending the Indie Games Festival China for the first time.
San Francisco is too far away from my place

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