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LD18: Lots of Work Left and LD Is Halfway Through?!

I had some fig bars as a snack as the evening wore on.

Fig bars

My fantastic and amazing girlfriend made me a taco dinner, which was so delicious that my taste buds were fist-bumping each other.

Taco Dinner

I went to a party my friends were hosting so I could take a short break and get some much-needed social time, but I came back home shortly.

Looking at The Big (Cork) Board, I can see that I’m almost done with the first iteration of work.

Almost done with the first of seven iterations

Unfortunately, I still have 6 more big iterations to do, and a lot of it is doing AI path-finding and other AI things I’ve never done before.

There's a lot left to do

And the deadline is looming.

The Deadline is Looming!

I’m feeling pretty screwed.

I'm screwed, aren't I?

Wait a minute. I think I have some Red Bull shots in my fridge…

Oh, yeah, I forgot I had these.

I don’t drink caffeine usually, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

This Might Help

Bottom's Up!

Let’s roll.

Let's Do This

One reply on “LD18: Lots of Work Left and LD Is Halfway Through?!”

Oh my god, he had A REDBULL SHOT! WE’RE ALL SCREWD! :O

Good luck with the LD entry, I’m looking forward to try it out, if there will be a OSX version. 🙂
And nice idea of using a (cork) board like that. Must try that myself at LD48#19 in december. 😉

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