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LD18: My, What a Fancy World You Have There!

My, what a fancy world you have there!

What you see is the game’s rendering of a small 50×32 image, blown up below:

The Tile Map

Besides creating a world tile map, it also figures out where to place towers, chests, and the castle. The black spot is the hero’s spawn point. Red squares represent chests with health in them, and yellow ones represent chests with weapon upgrades.

The tile map will also help the AI figure where and how it can move. I need to do some trickery to make sure it deals with towers and castles correctly. They’re larger than a single 16×16 tile, but the AI should act like there is an impassable wall where it looks like there is one. Also, I need to make sure the hero knows how to get to the entrance of a tower or castle.

Iteration 2 of 7 started with a little over 20 hours left in the compo.

Iteration 2 of 7 starts with 20 hr 15 min left.

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