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LD18: Stop That Hero! Slowly Progressing

Screen shot in progress

What you see is a working UI. The hero’s status is running off of live data, which means that he’s at full health, has 10 lives left, and has no weapon.

Also, the number of resources you have is running on live data.

The world is rendering 16×16 tiles of grass and tree right now, but I don’t have real data for it yet. I’m going to have to create the world, and at first, I’m fine with it being a bit smaller just so I can test out the AI when I finally get to it.

We’re nearing the 24-hour mark, though. I feel like I’ve been working non-stop and have been quite focused, but so many things still need to be finished. I might not sleep well tonight. B-\

One reply on “LD18: Stop That Hero! Slowly Progressing”

Well, I don’t have quite all my enemies AI written — particularly the part that ties it to the theme, I am producing a few levels. I don’t have a HUD or any kind of explanation of the game:)

I was going to try to get all the functional pieces done by 10 but my brain told me no. So maybe I’ll do blocks and switches in the morning.

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