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LD#15 Oh, Cats

It’s hard to type when a cat decides that NOW is the time to curl up in your lap, rubbing against your arm or face.

Diego is hamming it up

Usually Gizmo is the one who does this, but this time Diego decided to make an appearance. He really hammed it up when I got the camera out. Caption contest?

I’ve decided not to pursue Test Driven Development with this project. I can imagine that I will spend time on infrastructure more than anything, and Rule #1 of many Rule #1s for Ludum Dare is “Focus on making a game, not an engine for games.” I am still going to try to keep things focused and small, which is what TDD usually helps me with. What I won’t do is spend too much time on wrapping up hardware or libraries in testable code. I can spend hours on that alone, and I just don’t have the hours.

I just fear that the end of the contest will find me wishing I had unit tests in place because “I don’t have the hours” to not have them. B-)