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LD#15: I’m LD, I Prototype

I’m LD, and I win the fight!

After I showered, shaved, and got dressed, it was time to get down to business. Before any new code gets written, I had to make sure my ideas had a chance of being fun. First stop, paper prototypes!


Here’s a close up of the first pass:
Prototype Initial Pass

I drew some walls, and I placed a few tokens down to represent minerals, the tank, and the driver. Actually, my initial pass didn’t even have walls really, but moving the tank with the driver, then moving the driver to the minerals to collect them, and then moving the minerals to the tank wasn’t very interesting by itself.

The tank, and its driver

The walls made it more interesting because now the tank can’t move past them.

After a bit, I had a more fleshed out design:

Prototype Update

Prototype Update

Mechanics and Rules

Now I have a concept of monsters, their lairs, movable boulders, and selectively destructible floors.

Hmm…now that I’ve written it out, it sounds like I’m making something that might be too ambitious for this weekend.

Oh, well. Onward!