LD24: Bug-killing Game Play #LD48

I managed to get a lot accomplished in a couple of hours.

– get the player’s character in the game
– make it controllable
– add obstacles (most likely boulders)
– make collisions between the player and obstacles deadly
– make collisions between bullets and boulders result in bullets disappearing
– add an enemy
– make collisions between bullets and enemies result in damaged enemies
– make collisions between player and enemies result in killed player
– create a wave of enemies
– create a way to modify the wave of enemies so each enemy evolves in some way

Right now, you can shoot enemies as they approach, and when they die, they become harmless and visibly destroyed. If you crash into an enemy that is still alive, you both die.

Evolution Game Play

Enemies are mindless right now. They simply move forward in a straight line to the left. While I have a bunch of random enemies that looks like a wave, I don’t really have waves as a concept in the game. And with less than four hours left, I don’t think I’ll be adding lots of visibly different enemies and power-ups. We’ll see.

Oh, and my wife was nice enough to bring me something to snack on.

Got any gwapes?


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