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LD24: Sub Sandwich and Enemies #LD48

I woke up with a sore back. I was lying down on the floor with my legs up on the ottoman since that’s supposed to help your muscles relax if you do it for about 30 minutes. Then I went back to bed, and I didn’t wake up for a few hours. Then it was time to go to church with my wife, and we had lunch:

Planet Veggie Sub sandwich

That’s a Planet Veggie from Planet Sub. It has provolone, cheddar, fresh red peppers, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, and a tangy olive spread. I washed it down with lemonade.

I wish I can say I’ve made progress, but sitting at the computer has been incredibly uncomfortable. But lying on the floor seemed to have helped, so I’ll be back at this project today.

A reminder of what I’m doing:
– get the player’s character in the game
– make it controllable
– add obstacles (most likely boulders)
– make collisions between the player and obstacles deadly
– make collisions between bullets and boulders result in bullets disappearing
– add an enemy
– create a wave of enemies
– create a way to modify the wave of enemies so each enemy evolves in some way

There’s a little over 6 hours left in the compo. I can do this.