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LD24: Deadly Boulders #LD48

The player can control the tank, including firing bullets. I’ve also added boulders.

They are randomly placed in the environment, and when the player passes them, they are removed from the game. If there are no boulders left, more are generated.

Collision between the player and a boulder is deadly, as demonstrated by the randomly controlled tank in this video:

I had some difficulty with handling bullet collisions with the boulders. Right now, they shoot right through them. I want them to disappear. Boulders are not affected by bullets. I have plans for boulders interacting with enemies and explosives, though. If an enemy hits a boulder, I think it would make for an interesting mechanic if the boulder starts to move towards the player. Explosives should be the only thing that destroys boulders.

My current plan:
– get the player’s character in the game
– make it controllable
– add obstacles (most likely boulders)
– make collisions between the player and obstacles deadly
– make collisions between bullets and boulders result in bullets disappearing
– add an enemy
– create a wave of enemies
– create a way to modify the wave of enemies so each enemy evolves in some way

One thing I was hoping to use was my component system, but so far I’ve represented bullets and boulders as positions, along with constants representing their collision radius. It’s working well enough.

Once I get bullets working right (I’ll need that collision detection working for the enemies anyway), I can finally start working on the first enemy so I can get around to doing some evolving.