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LD33: Free Me, You Idiots! Ported to Android! #LDJam

Shortly after I ported my Ludum Dare game to Windows, I ported it to Android! You can download and install the .apk now and play on your phone or tablet. I’ve updated my LD#33 compo entry.

Here’s a handy link to explain how to install an app outside of the Google Play store.

LD#33 Game Play

Warning: it’s not really optimized for mobile yet. It pauses when idle, but it doesn’t pay attention to the back button, so you’ll have to long-press the Home button then swipe it away to close it.

2 replies on “LD33: Free Me, You Idiots! Ported to Android! #LDJam”

Nice! It’s definitely rough in a lot of places, but the basic concept is good and I like the humor. There’s a lot of potential here.

Some thoughts:

1) I have no idea what the red resource is. I thought that was fear energy for most of the game. 🙂

2) There’s 2 spells you can cast to win converts: Doubt and Fear. Fear never seemed to do much, though. Incomplete implementation? Also, you absolutely need a 3rd spell in the middle: Uncertainty. Perhaps Fear is an area-effect spell of some sort, while Doubt and Uncertainty are individual effects?

3) It wasn’t clear how to get started. With no energy, how can you spell cast? I was completely surprised when the first villager converted. Better feedback on actions could help here.

4) Currently there’s no way to not win the game. It’s a win-more setup, which means the game gets inherently easier as you go on. You need some sort of adversary, like the villagers’ local temple that is trying to keep them on the side of good. Then you have to not only win over converts, but keep them won as the local priest is trying to woo them back. That would give you a reason to cast spells on your converts, to keep them loyal. (Currently the game implies you can do so, but you can’t actually.)

Yeah, it’s rough and incomplete. Cause Fear actually increases a villager’s fear level…but unfortunately I never did implement anything that says what it should do.

You can convert a villager when its faith level is low enough, and you lower their faith by causing doubt. A real conflict here would be to have a way for them to increase faith, probably by proximity to their god or by interacting with their companions.

I had planned combat and territorial control. For instance, your converts will need buildings of their own since they should no longer be welcome in the village. So fear would make enemy villagers run away instead of attacking your villagers, and fear in your own villagers would make them more effective at prayer or something like that.

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