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LD33: Free Me, You Idiots! Ported to Windows #LDJam

I’ve updated my Ludum Dare #33 compo entry with the Windows version of Free Me, You Idiots!. Now most of the world can play it!

LD#33 Game Play

Next up: fixing my Linux-based entry so that it uses a non-custom install of SDL2.

2 replies on “LD33: Free Me, You Idiots! Ported to Windows #LDJam”

Loved it. Especially the ending. Was really curious to see what kind of beast you had cooked up. Are you going to continue developing it? Perhaps followers could lose faith if ignored for long enough. Could be a cool balancing act between gaining followers and keeping/alienating followers. Definitely a great start. For 48 hours, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it ran. Glitches a bit when maximizing and minimizing the window, but other than that, no problems. Good job!

Thanks, Josh! I am thinking about what direction I want to take this game in. There are a lot of features I wanted but never got in due to time constraints, and I thought of more after a good night’s sleep.

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