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June #1GAM: We Need a Castaway

In my last post about my June project for One Game a Month, I talked about the general ideas I had, plus I created a mock-up.

Since then, I’ve thought about what kinds of tiles I’ll need. I’ve decided to set it on an island in an ocean, so it will have standard sand, rocks, water, and palm trees.

The game is called Shipwrecked, and we’re going to need a castaway. Here’s what I created during yesterday’s Game Dev Co-Op Hour:

June #1GAM castaway

I still need to provide left and right versions, plus walking animations, but I’ll keep them simple. I’m fairly pleased with my programmer art.

After that, the next task is to give this character a world to walk around in.

Then I can work on line-of-sight algorithms. I’ve been thinking about having the player’s vision deteriorate if he/she is too hungry or sick, so the edge of the fog might be closer than usual if the player is reckless.

I’m pretty excited. I hope my enthusiasm and productivity lasts. B-)