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LD24: Lunch and Evolutionary Plans #LD48

The first lunch of the compo:

Lunch the First

That’s a peanut butter, banana, and raisin sandwich. It also has some cinnamon sprinkled inside. And some carrots and broccoli on the side.

As for the project, here’s what I’m planning:

– get the player’s character in the game
– make it controllable
– add obstacles (most likely boulders)
– make collisions between the player and obstacles deadly
– add an enemy
– create a wave of enemies
– create a way to modify the wave of enemies so each enemy evolves in some way

That last bit hopefully doesn’t become too ambitious. There’s a lot that could be decided here. For instance, maybe the attributes of every enemy that makes it past the player or causes the player damage more heavily inspire the evolution of later waves.

But besides that, I should probably figure out exactly the kinds of things that can be evolved. Here’s where I worry about how limited the evolutionary changes can be. There’s only so much procedural work I can leverage. There’s still the decisions I have to make for what that procedural

For instance, enemy health can increase as new waves arrive. What about enemy armor? Should I include it, or is it just the equivalent of more health? Weapons could get stronger and faster, but what about allowing angles? Homing missiles? Spray guns vs lasers vs explosives?

If I decide to include explosives, then the radius could be one of the attributes that changes, but the decision to allow explosives in the first place means that the potential for evolutionary changes is limited by what I can implement on my own, and the procedural stuff is less interesting than merely tweaking some values.

But I’ll worry about it all once I get something playable.