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GDC Badge Pro Tips

While I won’t be going to the Game Developers Conference this year, I thought I would share some tips for making the most of your GDC 2012 badge and holder. These tips are especially important for people who will be attending their first GDC, such as some of the fantastic students I met when I spoke at the University of Iowa last Friday.

Feel free to share this post. And thanks, Ian Schreiber, for these tips when I attended my first GDC last year!

3 replies on “GDC Badge Pro Tips”

Also, always swing your badge to your back when you enter the restroom.

This keeps you from accidentally splashing your badge or dropping it into the sink/water when bending over to wash your hands (not for identification when standing at the urinals 🙂 ).

Also also,

The front bit that actually holds the all-important plastic badge — I strongly recommend a wee bit of scotch tape to hold that pocket closed. Badges can and will fall out of those things, especially when doing the aforementioned restroom badge-to-the-back swing around move.

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