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LD20: The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

Behold, win and lose conditions are in!

Screenshot - Defeated In Delivery Battle

Basically, if an enemy agent is next to the courier holding the package, you lose.
If, however, the VIP is next to the courier holding the package, you win.

So technically, I have a game finished. It’s very unfun, very unpolished, and very uninteresting, but you can make moves and eventually lose or win.

What’s left:
– moving the agents towards the package holder
– win condition check
– lose condition check
– allow multiple couriers to move during move phase
– adding pedestrians
– moving pedestrians
– shoving package through pedestrians

Right now, it is very difficult to get past the agents because it’s only possible to move a single courier in the move phase, and passing the package isn’t very effective. Allowing multipler couriers to move at once during the move phase should help even the odds and make it easier to pass the package around.

Randomly generated Pedestrians should add some flavor to the game. In a busy plaza, it might be difficult for couriers and agents to move around freely. Plus, shoving the package to teammates gets more fun if you can leverage innocent pedestrians, although it opens up some difficulties in the code and design. What if you shove a package into a Pedestrian who shoves it to another Pedestrian who ends up in an empty space? Should the package only get passed if you can end up with a courier at the end of the shoving chain? I’ll try to keep it simple and go from there.

The UI is a little frustrating. If you can make a move or if you can shove, you MUST. Currently, I have no way to say “No, I like where my couriers are, and I don’t feel like shoving this turn.” While I can fix it by adding a “Done with turn phase” button, maybe the requirement is fine. Checkers, if played correctly, enforces a “you must jump if you can jump” rule, which makes it very strategic. I’ll leave it until the end.

Another frustrating thing is that there is no way to cancel a decision before you’ve decided. If you click on a courier, you can’t change your mind and pick a different one. It’s fine if you’re playing chess to require that touched pieces must be moved, but if you accidentally click on the entity during the shove phase right after moving it, it can be annoying to see that you have to make a shove move that you didn’t want to make. Unfortunately, I’ll also leave a fix for this annoyance until the end.

There are 10 hours left in the Jam. While I continue my work, you can watch this series of videos of someone playing The Legend of Zelda, only he decided to do so without taking “this”: