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LD20: Looks Like Another Jam Entry for Me

So 48 hours came and went, and I have no game to submit. B-(

In the last few minutes of Submission Hour, I finally had Enemy Agents who moved towards the package holder. I need to make sure multiple couriers can move at once during the move phase. The agents currently have too much of an advantage if you can only move one courier at a time.

Screenshot - Run Away From The Agents

I had to deal with a few seg faults getting to this point, but they were relatively easy to solve compared to what I’ve written about for this LD.

What’s left:
– moving the agents towards the package holder
– adding pedestrians
– moving pedestrians
– win condition check
– lose condition check
– allow multiple couriers to move during move phase

And I have 24 hours to get all of it done and submit a Jam entry.

Actually, I now have enough to submit what could technically be called a game if I can code up the win and lose conditions. They’re easy and low-hanging fruit, so I’ll tackle those first thing in the morning. It’s too bad I don’t have one more hour, and it’s too bad it took so long to start working on the actual game play. My game could have been among the nearly 300 entries if I had less to do from scratch.

The good news is that next LD, I might be able to take this project and gut out just the Hot Potato-specific parts, and I’ll be able to build a simple, LD-ready project from the moment the theme is announced. This LD showed me that I am finally starting to get a collection of boiler-plate code that’s easy to migrate from one project to another without too much hacking.


For now, I’m getting some rest. Congratulations to everyone who submitted on time, and good luck to all of the other jammers!