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LD20: Working High Level State Machine and Dinner

The title screen doesn’t look very different from the splash screen:

Screenshot LD20 Title Screen

Still, there’s a lot of code powering that title screen now. I ended up borrowing more code from my other projects to get more boilerplate stuff in. I’m surprised how basic yet complex my boilerplate code is. Stuff like menu handling and basic input processing is a lot of code, and it sucks to rewrite it each time I participate in LD48.

In any case, I now have a high level state machine running the application. The main menu is one state, and clicking on “New Game” switches you to the in-game state. And since I have a way to get to it, the in-game state is where almost all of the work needs to be done next.

I need to implement:

  • the plaza as the main playfield.
  • the Very Important Person as the delivery target and end goal.
  • the courier team.
  • the pedestrians.
  • the agents.
  • victory and defeat conditions.
  • and systems to run all of the above.

Essentially, The Entire Game.

If I would have had boilerplate code that was ready to go, I would have been working on this code from the start. Instead, I had to slog through getting each file to play nice with the relatively empty build.

Anyway, to prepare for the plaza, I’ve created a few tile images. I might end up using nothing but the “cobblestone”, but maybe I’ll get grass and dirt in for variety if I have time.

Tile - Grass Tile - Dirt Tile - Cobblestone

I took a dinner break and had some cheese pizza from a great place called Marino’s. They make the best sauce!

Marino's Cheese PIzza!

There’s a little over 24 hours left in the compo, and I don’t want a repeat of Advancing Walls of Doom. This game is getting made.

2 replies on “LD20: Working High Level State Machine and Dinner”

Looks delicious. I could go for a slice, myself.

By going with only cheese on the pizza you missed a perfect opportunity to get some of those vegetables you were saying you needed earlier. 🙂

Good luck on your LD project.

Thanks, Jesse! Good point on the missed opportunity, but I was sharing the pizza with my fiancé, and she’s a fan of the plain cheese.

I did have an apple earlier, but I didn’t document it. B-)

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