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LD20: Lunch and Birthing a New Project

What’s faster than reheating leftovers?

Leftovers and chips, mmm mmm!

I’m going to need to eat some fruits and vegetables soon.

Anyway, last time I had a working build. My next goal is to get an SDL window to open and close. This part will either just work or I’ll find some weird complication here, too.

Ok, so I ended up copying a lot more files from other projects, but I finally managed to get to a point where I have something that might serve as a nice starting point for this and maybe future LDs.

For now, I have a splash screen.

Screenshot - LD20 entry by GBGames

The name of the project is tentative to change, but at least it has been born. Now to raise it into a healthy young game.

2 replies on “LD20: Lunch and Birthing a New Project”

I’m reminded of the dozen comments on your “Importance of Speed” post. 🙂

I swear you’d be playtesting and “making it fun” at this point, were you using T2D or some other similar collection of help.

Best of luck — especially with the peanut butter pickle sandwiches, which are bound to come along.


Thanks, Tim. If I had a ready-to-use engine, I’m sure you’re right. Last I recall, T2D was “community supported” on GNU/Linux, which means not only would I have to pay for access to it, but I’d be paying for the privilege of making it work in the first place. And since I don’t do 3D, there aren’t really any engines I can leverage unless I want to move to Flash, which I don’t. I’m making do, but yeah, things could be faster.

Also, Ludum Dare was a “from scratch” compo when I started, so it feels almost wrong to use an existing engine or game making tool. B-)

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