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Participating in the Global Game Jam

Today I’ll be participating in my first Global Game Jam and meeting local indie game developers in person for the first time.

Assuming I have a network connection, I’ll be live-blogging the event. I’ll be at Game Jam Ames, hosted at the offices of Intuition Games.

I’ve participated in 24-hour and 48-hour game development competitions in the past, but they’ve always been solo events. The GGJ will be a chance for me meet and work with people I’ve only ever chatted with online. I think it is a great opportunity to make some connections and friendships with people I can actually talk shop with.

Unlike Ludum Dare, the Global Game Jam has a rolling start time. It means that last night New Zealand Jammers were already starting, and Europeans will have already been jamming for hours before we get to start here in Iowa this evening.

48-hours, working closely with other game developers, and generally having fun? Global Game Jam should be a blast.

Are you participating? Where will you be jamming?