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LD18: Time for Breakfast!

I started my day right: with a banana!

A banana to start the day!

After reading for a bit, catching up on LD posts, and awarding some trophies, I finally made myself a full breakfast!

Scrambled eggs, buttered toast with cinnamon, and OJ

As you can see, I had scrambled eggs, buttered toast with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, and a glass of orange juice! I also have my unread “Artificial Intelligence for Games” book handy. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

But first, a quick shower! Then I can get back to working on my game in earnest. In the meantime, I’ve realized that my hero is going to need to know how to fight an enemy. I had a couple of states as Fight or Flee, but what does Fight mean? I think I’ll change them to Chase/Evade, and Attack is a completely different state.

My plan: when the hero is chasing an enemy, it tries to get adjacent to it. Then it can attack. The attack occurs, damage is calculated, and then the hero has to wait a few moments before he can attack again. Hmm…maybe the hero should be put into another state after an attack: rest mode. This way, he can’t attack and flee immediately. He has to stick around long enough to be attacked himself.

Ok, Self, don’t panic. I’m sure the AI isn’t going to be THAT overwhelming.