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LD#14: Breakfast at Lunch

Breakfast at lunch

A healthy breakfast: a banana, a bowl of Trader Joe’s Twigs, Flakes, and Clusters (which sounds horrible, but tastes great actually!) covered with blackberries, and washed down with good ol’ orange juice.

Another idea came to me while eating: Remember the game Rampart? How about building walls to surround resources that you use to defeat your enemies instead? BRILLIANT! Maybe.

2 replies on “LD#14: Breakfast at Lunch”

Actually the name doesn’t sound as bad as the box looks. I don’t think black is a cereal box color. 😛

p.s. I checked out Chandler. Looks pretty cool, although I need to invest a little more time into it to really figure it out. Thanks for letting me know about it!

No problem, Clean3D! If you want to read the epic story of the making of Chandler, I’d suggest reading Dreaming in Code. It’s meant to be a fascinating explanation to non-programmers about why, after years of research and study, software projects are still late, buggy, and over budget.

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