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Now Is the Best Time to Make Games

Jeff Tunnell posts for the first time in a long time about how you shouldn’t fear the economy and should start your game business now. Yes, there is a lot of doom and gloom about how the economy is stagnating and people are worried about paying the bills.

But that just means there are less people willing to take the risk of starting their own businesses! Less competition means more opportunities for your business!

But how do you start? I wrote an article about Forming an LLC in Illinois, and running an LLC is much easier than running an S Corporation. If you don’t know the difference, there are plenty of resources online about the different types of business entities.

I also wrote about what an indie developer needs to know about copyright. Copyright laws can be quite complex, so it pays to know at least SOMETHING about them.

Not sure how to even start making games? I also wrote You Can Make Games, which describes how easy it is to get into game development, and the best part? It has gotten even easier since I wrote that article two years ago! With technology like PopCap’s framework (and TuxCap for people who want to recognize that there are people who use Mac and GNU/Linux), libSDL, and freely available Java and Flash web development tools, there should be nothing to stop someone with a computer, an idea, and a willingness to put some effort behind it from making a game.

There are great articles and other resources for running your game development business at Advice can be found at the IndieGamer forums.

So what’s stopping you? And for that matter, what’s slowing me down?

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