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No Thousander Club Update for Two Weeks?!

These past two weeks have been very unproductive, so there just isn’t anything to report for the Thousander Club. Crunch at the day job isn’t over yet, and since it started getting a bit colder, I haven’t been feeling 100%.

Instead, how about a list of links to interesting indie-related things going on in the world today?

  • Jay Barnson continues writing about his first playthrough of Wizardry 8 in Swimming with Psi Sharks. I enjoy reading his design notes near the end of each post. I really need to break out my copy of the game and catch up to where he is, although Etrian Odyssey 2 does bring back memories of the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.
  • He’s also written an update on the comedy RPG Frayed Knights in Dungeon Scrawls, in which he wrestles with the design of the dungeons so that each one stands out as memorable. I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this!
  • Anthony Salter continues his Let’s Play Starflight! series of videos in Quest for the Cloak. I have been watching him play this game, and it looks like a modern remake might be fun. I wonder how many older games would benefit from a remake that takes advantage of the state of the art in interface design and standardized control schemes.
  • He’s also posted a few updates of his Populous-like game Planitia. He’s added multiplayer capabilities, and there is even a video of it now! Watch Anthony get pwned by his daughter!
  • Cliffski has released Kudos 2! He also wrote about the post-release crush. Work doesn’t stop just because you’ve released your game.
  • Ludum Dare had a miniLD this weekend. The theme was very creative: MSPaint is the best level editor ever. All games made during this weekend have to be able to load the same levels, which are defined in 64×64 BMPs. Imagine a game like Rom Check Fail, only now imagine that a bunch of games can trade level data and they still run! Check out the entries at!
  • EDIT: I just remembered that Keith Weatherby II has posted video of Hypno-Joe, and it’s looking pretty schnazzy!

What has everyone else been up to?

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First time I ever got a trackback link (at least I think that’s what’s it’s called, still fairly new to blogging despite having this up almost 2 years), thanks for remembering to link me 🙂


Hey there!

I just discovered your blog. I loved the snippet about the Populous like game, that has to be one of my favorite RTS type games in existence… The music alone was incredible!


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