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LD#12: Final Submission

Tower Defender Game Play

Tower Defender source. This is a source only version, and it is 8MB!

Get your smaller Linux-binary here: Tower Defender for Linux

A Win32 binary should be forthcoming.

Unfortunately I only got game play in at the last few minutes, and there are problems. For one, there is no way to win or lose. The enemies don’t know that they’ve already stormed the walls and will keep going until they hit the sky, but they do this cool floating thing…which is a bug. Mousing over the archers will make them fire arrows, and they take a bit of time to reload before letting you fire again. The arrows do hit the enemies and make them disappear.

I’ll have a post-mortem up soon.

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hey there, you didn’t include license information (there’s no EULA.txt)

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