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Indie Game Sales Guide Is Out

I just learned that The Indie Developer’s Guide to Selling Games is available to purchase. It comes in both PDF and dead-tree formats. The table of contents indicates that it is really a marketing book, although marketing and sales do go hand-in-hand.

I already enjoy reading Joseph Lieberman’s blog, so I imagine that the book will be a good read, too.

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Yeah, I remember thinking that digital books would be great, but I found that I just don’t like the idea of sitting in front of my monitor all the time. When I read, I like to be able to read straight through rather than take frequent breaks to rest my eyes.

On top of that, some online books are terrible to read online because the publisher is so afraid of “giving everything away” that they have to make it difficult. Can’t have people printing off free copies of the freely available digital book, now can we?

As far as saving trees and what not, I could care less, they’re a great natural resource, to use from everything from building to paper. However when they finally come up with an electronic medium that doesn’t strain your eyes, i’d definately be up for it. I mean you could totally limit the amount of junk you have lying around your house. On the down side if electricity is out, say batteries are dead, or whatever, then you won’t be able to read your favorite book. But still can’t wait till they finally come up with decent mass produced electronic paper.


Electronic paper looked cool when I first read about it. Being able to roll up what is essentially an LCD (a lot easier on the eyes than CRT) seemed cool. We’d have futuristic scrolls!

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