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The Name Everyone Is Talking About

Even Seth Godin had something to say about Nintendo’s Wii, so I felt that I should comment.

My first impression? I thought it was a terrible name. I get the concept of “togetherness” and all, but Wii? Seriously? I won’t try to make a bad pun with it because anyone who was on the world wide web after last week’s announcement would have read them all anyway.

Interestingly, I feel that now that everyone has gotten it out of their systems, we can all agree that Playstation and XBox were pretty bad names as well. We’ve gotten used to them though, so if Nintendo doesn’t make a new announcement admitting that they made a mistake, we’ll probably get used to Wii, too.

Still, I’m shaking my head. Does it make more sense in Japan at least? Are the Japanese wondering what the big deal is with the rest of the world’s reaction?

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I don’t think people will care in a year’s time. I don’t think it’s a great name, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is everyone is commenting on it, which is just what they wanted. So it was probably on purpose, but even if it wasn’t, who cares? Of course if it’s a real marketing stunt, they’ll change the name back to revolution before release which will make people go “Finally they got rid of that stupid Wii name” and they’ll be talking about it again.

Personally I like the name Revolution, although maybe they should just change it to Revo for short… the Nintendo Revo would be cool 🙂


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