Ludum Dare #24: Are You In?

August 24-27 is Ludum Dare #24. Ludum Dare is a 48-hour solo game development competition. It’s also a 72-hour game jam where the rules about tools, team sizes, and distribution are a bit more lax.

I realized that the last time I participated in a compo was Ludum Dare #20. It’s been too long.

I’m not sure if I will be working in C++ with libSDL or if I will be using Stencyl, which I used successfully during the 2011 Meaningful Game Play Game Jam to create two prototypes. I’d love to try out Unity, but according to the developers, they “currently have no plans or commitments to port the editor to Linux.”

Theme voting is happening right now. Friday night is the announcement of the theme and the kick-off of both the compo and jam. Are you in?

4 comments to Ludum Dare #24: Are You In?

  • I originally planned to compete, but I ended up planning a trip to Montreal, and my only free weekend to go was… dundundun… LD24 weekend 🙁 Good luck GB and have fun!

  • I already did the 2012 CDN Speedgame this year (second place!), so I don’t think my wife would approve of me doing another competition.

    “I’d love to try out Unity, but according to the developers, they ‘currently have no plans or commitments to port the editor to Linux.'”

    That’s the same thing that’s kept me from trying it. Their attitude toward Linux developers has been less than encouraging. At least Unity 4 will finally have a Linux webplayer.

    (Biased recommendation) If you want to dabble in 3d, perhaps give Blender’s Game Engine a try? (The blenderartists forum is the best place to find answers and ask questions.)

  • Thanks, blendenzo. I’ve actually avoided 3D development since I can doodle but I haven’t learned how to create 3D models, and it is easier for me to create art in 2D.

  • Oh, I see. I misunderstood. You were talking about Unity for 2D. Well, BGE is quite usable for 2D. However, I’m not sure whether I could recommend it or not, since I don’t know your motivation for wanting to try Unity. You’re clearly capable of writing your own engine code, so it must be something else. Speed/ease of development? A specific target platform?

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