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Freshly Squeezed Progress Report: Your House View, the Basement, and Beyond

In last week’s report, I implemented a few character customization options and implemented basic saving and loading for my second Freshly Squeezed Entertainment project.

Since then I worked on a simple view of the player’s home.

Sprint 7: Pre-production and initialization

Planned and complete:

  • Show house layout

Unplanned and complete:

  • Create house view’s basement

Unplanned and incomplete:

  • Create _____ view with ladder back to basement

When it comes to planning my week, I decided that instead of choosing a bunch of features/tasks to work on, I would only pick one. If I finish it early, I can pull in more work.

One key part of the game is the player’s home. I want the house to be a place where the player can regroup, collect supplies, and have various characters interact, among other things.

But I also recognized that much of what I have planned really only makes sense as a way to support game play that doesn’t exist yet. So I wanted to get through this part quickly. I have some reference art for what I wanted the various rooms to look like, but for now, a simple color-coded box with a label seems to work well enough.

Simple room view

Then I rendered the rooms relative to each other so you can switch between the House View and an individual Room View. For now, entering and leaving a room is all you can do. It’s not much, but it is a building block to more interesting work later, and the game saves which room you were in, so I know that part works.

Simple house view

The basement is going to be an important location, if only because it is where to find the entrance to the main non-house area of the game. I managed to get much of the work here done, but because it reveals a bit too much too soon, I won’t say more now.

HOWEVER! I will be letting my newsletter subscribers know those details as I formally announce this game this week, so if you want to know before anyone else, please subscribe to the GBGames Curiosities newsletter by following the link below! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for my next update.

Thanks for reading!

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