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LD50: Introducing Disaster City, Submitted as a Jam Entry #LDJam #LD50

I squeezed in a few more hours of development today, and in between picking up kids from school, meetings, dinner, play time with the kids and getting them ready for bed, I managed to get my game to a somewhat finished state, enough that I can call it enough of a game to feel comfortable submitting it.

And then of course I discovered a number of game-breaking bugs with my submission that I managed to fix shortly after.

But I did it. You can learn more about Disaster City at the official Ludum Dare 50 entry page.

LD50: Disaster City entry

I’m going to try to create an Android port next, but for now, I need to rest and prepare for the rest of the week.

Happy 20th birthday, Ludum Dare! I’ve missed this. B-)