Sears Needs a Better Purpose, Vision, and Mission

The day I was giving my presentation on the importance a well-defined, compelling purpose, vision, and mission for indie game developers, I read this timely article about a major company struggling with its identity.

Its Survival In Doubt, Sears Struggles To Transform Once Again from Morning Edition on NPR talked about the struggles of the once-giant Sears, which has been operating at a loss for quite some time, despite mergers and selling off brands.

A quote from a customer really sends home the message about how important it is to have a good purpose:

“It fits no niche. It’s not a discount place. It’s not high end,” Mullen says. “It has no identity anymore. I guess it tried to be everything to everybody and it was very successful at that. But now it’s nothing to nobody, which is sad.”

Is your indie game development business similarly raising question marks above the heads of players? Can people tell at a glance what they can expect your games to be about? Do you give them a compelling reason to care about you, or do you “just make games” like most other forgettable indies?