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I’m Going to the No Fluff Just Stuff Conference Today #NFJS

I’m not a Java developer, but I am going to the “The conference series for JVM software developers” called No Fluff Just Stuff today here in Des Moines, Iowa.

Why? My main tool has been C++ for years. I haven’t programmed in Java since college, and that was over a decade ago.

Partly because it’s a local conference. I don’t have to travel or get a hotel.

Partly because my day job is paying for it. When you are offered free training, you take it.

And partly because I didn’t actually know it was a Java-specific conference when I signed up for it. /me looks down at his shoes sheepishly.

The itinerary I put together for the next few days is geared towards the general talks about software architecture, metrics, and other topics that can translate well outside of a specific programming language or platform. I am especially interested in the microservices architecture session, ever since I first heard about it at an Agile Iowa presentation.

There’s even a magician among the speakers, so it should be entertaining.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll pick up some cool ideas from the Java practitioners.

I’m a bit disappointed that the Android tablet I’m bringing doesn’t seem to have as full-featured an app as the iOS version. Somehow at a Java conference the Java-oriented platform doesn’t let you download slides? One of the Play store’s reviews for the NFJS app complained about needing to carry around not only his own Android tablet but also the conference-provided iPad, which was awkward. I wonder if I’ll be doing the same today.

Anyone else going?