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Isometric Pixel Art Cheat Sheet

I’ve never made an isometric game, but I know that there are some calculations needed to translate what’s on screen to what’s in the world and vice versa, calculations that aren’t necessary in an top-down view.

But what about drawing the art to populate an isometric game? Well, Dennis Busch provided a handy cheat sheet to help you figure out how to do so:

Isometric Pixel Art Cheat Sheet

It provides illustrated tips for:

  • tiling floors and walls
  • transforming flat images to walls or floors
  • rotating a vertical structure
  • handling slopes
  • casting shadows with global and point lights

Thanks to Jon Jones for finding this cheat sheet a billion years ago.

And if you find it useful, consider contributing some funds to Dennis or hiring him. See some of his pixel art to get an idea of what he can do for you.

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Hi GB,

many thanks for posting this (ages ago…). 🙂

I have removed the payment/donation stuff from my homepage a couple of weeks ago though because no one was ever using it anyway.

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