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See Me Present at StartupCity Des Moines on May 29th

StartupCity Des Moines

NOTE: If you couldn’t make it, the presentation is available online.

Des Moines, Iowa has a coworking community called StartupCity Des Moines. It’s a pretty neat place, and there’s a lot of exciting things going on there. It’s the only entrepreneur hub I know of in the area.

Over a month back, I went to a lunch and learn on entrepreneurship given by one of the founders, Christian Renaud.

About halfway through his talk, he mentioned the idea of sharing your failures with the community. While successes are great to share, giving a post mortem for failed business also helps make the entire community of businesses better for the future.

“I would strongly encourage you, just for the betterment, to not make central Iowa suck for startups over the next 20, 30, 50 years. Till that back in. All the good things you learned, all the bad things you learned. Till them back into the soil, because God knows we need them.”

Since then, I’ve been thinking that I have something to share from my experience running GBGames full-time and failing to get it self-sustaining before running out of money.

I’ll be presenting at the end of the month:

Playing the Long Game: The Vital Importance of Purpose, Mission, and Vision to Your Business

Gianfranco Berardi will share the major lessons that can be drawn from his experience running an independent game development business full-time.

He’ll explain what happened between the time he delivered his two weeks’ notice to his day job in 2010 until 2012, when a lack of funds forced him once again back to part-time business owner status. See how a lack of strategic planning resulted in a business with no focus and a business owner feeling out of his depth. More importantly, learn how doing the hard work of identifying your Why, How, and What pays off both immediately and in the long-term.

May 29th, 2014 at noon

StartupCity Des Moines
317 6th Ave, Suite 500, Des Moines IA, 50309
p: 515-868-0473

It’s a free event, and I’d love to see you there. Register for it at

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