Personal Development

Anyone Going to the Extreme Leadership Summit?

Fom April 11th through the 13th, I’ll be at the Extreme Leadership Summit in Chicago.

Last year, I met Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap and The Radical Edge and founder of the Extreme Leadership Institute.

His books are novels about the nature of leadership and what’s needed from it in today’s world. According to Farber, LEAP stands for:

  • Love
  • Energy
  • Audacity
  • Proof

Being a leader “is intensely personal and intrinsically scary” so you have to love what you do and love the process of making change, even if you don’t know how things are going to turn out. “Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.”

Energy comes from having a good purpose. Without one, you are likely to falter just when you need the energy most.

As a leader, you need to inspire audacity. Are you planning on changing the world, or the world of your customers? If not, are you holding back your potential?

And you need to walk your talk. Do what you say you will do.

Farber isn’t a fan of passive conferences with a lot of fluff that make you feel good but leave you the same person as when you came in.

It’s described as a “hands-on, entertaining, productive, and interactive experience where you’ll learn, develop, and apply profound leadership practices to your current work and life opportunities.”

I’ll be there. Will you be there? If so, let’s meet up!