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The Stop That Hero! Birthday Sale

My birthday is on Friday.

To celebrate, I think it would be great to spread the news about my strategy game that puts you in the role of the evil villain, Stop That Hero!.

Stop That Hero!  Bringing Evil Back

And so I’m having a sale all this week.

It’s still in alpha release, but if you’re interested in it, you can get early access to the game as well as support its development by purchasing it today.

Until Saturday, July 27th, the day after my birthday, you can get “Stop That Hero!” for only $5 using coupon code BIRTHDAY2013.

That’s 40% off the current price.

Currently, the game lets you summon minions such as slimes, warlocks, and dragons to fight the heroes who are trying to conquer your castle. The controls are simple since artificial intelligence manages who does what and where. You summon minions and manage your resources to do so by choosing when and whom to summon at structures you control, such as your castle, towers, and dragon nests.

Timing is important, and it can get frantic, especially when the heroes send powerful wizards and knights your way.

The next update will feature animations and more scenarios, and any current customers will get informed when it is released.

You can follow news about “Stop That Hero!” at the Stop That Hero! Facebook page and Stop That Hero! Google Plus page.

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. I hope in return that I can entertain you with my work in progress so far, as well as with future updates.