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My May #1GAM: Now You Can Eat Flies

During the GBGames Game Dev Co-Op Hour this morning, I added flies and the ability to eat them, as you can see in this Hungry Frogs progress video:

I realized that the tongue’s dimensions were too small and made it too difficult to eat flies, so I increased the dimensions beyond what the tongue’s visuals would indicate, and I eventually even added the frog’s body as part of the “did the frog eat this fly” collision detection.

I noticed while making this video that sometimes the frog’s tongue looks like it should eat a fly as it falls, but it must be falling too fast since the fly remains, meaning that the collision detection happened above and below the fly but not in-between, where the fly actually is. One way to solve it is to do a more complex collision detection in which I keep track of where the frog was in the previous frame and check for the space in between as well. Another is to reduce the speed that the frog currently moves so that such checks don’t have to happen. The latter would be easier in my limited time.

My next step is to provide a way to end the level and start a new one.

And animation would be a nice way to finish it before the end of the month, although I’m not optimistic that I’ll be able to dedicate the time.