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LD24: Another LD Casualty! #LD48

I went to take a shower, and in my haste to dry off and get back to work as quickly as possible, I hit my knee against the counter. Apparently not the first injury of this LD, and probably not the last.

Wanna see? Warning: I was naked when I took this picture.


It hurt a lot when it happened. It’s not bleeding profusely, but I see it is going to leave a bruise.

But it won’t stop me. I will carry on. I will develop a game.

Keep Calm and LD On

But I worry how much of a mess I’ll be by the time this is all over. Between my hip/back tightness and this knee, what’s next? Lunch is in a few hours…

Anyway, before that shower, I created a background for my game.


Oh, that’s right. My idea: a simple side-scrolling shooter, where the enemies change movement, attacks, armor, and size as the waves start. Essentially, the evolution is in how those elements change in random ways. I’m also thinking that if you defeat an entire wave, you should get the chance to evolve as well.

So I’m not sure if I should go with organic characters or machines. A player-controlled tank means less animation, but then, why not just set the game in space? Whatever. This game is on the ground. A grassy ground.