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Stop That Hero! Dev Video: Slimes Throw Chests??

It’s really exciting when I add a feature to Stop That Hero! that I can actually show to someone, and in the last week or so, I’ve added two.

First, slime monsters now leave behind a slime trail. If the Hero steps in the slime trail, he is slowed down temporarily. The slime trail and the slow effect both wear off eventually.

Second, to actually take advantage of the slime trail’s slowing effect, I added projectile weapons. The idea is that the player will strategically send out slimes ahead of stone-throwing orcs or fireball-launching dragons. Their weapons should be more effective against a slowed Hero since they have more time to attack more often.

Once I changed attacks in the combat system to be projectiles, a quick test was to take an existing entity in the game and change its weapon configuration. Since I only had Heroes and slimes, I gave slimes the ability to throw a projectile at the Hero. Instead of attacking from one tile away, they can now attack from 10 tiles away. And to give the projectile an image, I used an existing sprite rather than spend time making something that looks good.

So for this test, it is the Hero versus treasure chest-throwing slimes!

The development video below is a demonstration of the results. Please excuse the lame art. I’m focusing more on the game mechanics/dynamics and less on the aesthetics for now.

I’m pleased to say that it only takes a handful of slimes to defeat the Hero instead of requiring a small army. While it means that my test worked as expected, it also means I’ll need to make some of the Heroes more powerful once I create some orcs or dragons, who should be stronger than the slimes.

5 replies on “Stop That Hero! Dev Video: Slimes Throw Chests??”

Nice going, GB! I think this is the first time I’ve gotten to see STH directly. 🙂 And definitely a good use of testing.

It’s curious that the hero doesn’t think to stop, go kill a slime, and then continue so that the slime can’t keep attacking him. That seems like what a smarter hero would do. Fortunately that should be just a tweak to his AI.

Thanks, Keeyai! I was thinking about the possibility of just such an inside joke in the final game. B-)

Larry, you’re right. Currently the Hero only has the goal to conquer towers and the castle. I’ll eventually add more goals, such as finding health when needed, and it is pretty easy to add a goal to hunt your enemy as well. Right now, the only targeting the entities do is “find the nearest enemy”, but I could also add other criteria later, such as “target the one who hurt me last” or “target the one who is hurting me the most” or “target the weakest enemy” or whatever. Between targeting and providing the Hero with the right goals, it is relatively easy to do.

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