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The End of the World

According to some people, the rapture is scheduled to occur today, with the end of the world to follow shortly. I don’t normally write about religion or politics on this blog, but I’ll relate a story I was told in high school that really impacted me. I am probably remembering parts of it wrong, but I think the basic gist is still there.

There were three priests playing pool. One of the priests asked the others, “If you knew that the world was going to end in the next 10 minutes, what would you do?”

One priest answered, “I’d go to the church and lead the people in prayer. I’m sure there will be plenty who are afraid or lost, and I would want to be there with them to pray for forgiveness and strength.”

The next priest said, “I’d go home and pray alone, as Jesus suggested was best in the gospel according to Matthew. I’d shut myself in my room, and I’d pray for forgiveness and strength.”

The two looked at the third priest and asked him what he would do. He replied, “I’d finish this game.”

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There’s no sarcasm or irony or joke here. To me, the third priest was saying that whether the end of the world was in 5 minutes or 5 centuries, he’s living his life the best way he can, and so he doesn’t see the need to suddenly start praying harder or working on his relationship with God as if he has never done it before.

I actually got it right away and thought it was really nice. The fact that he says “I’d finish this game” also put a smile on my face, talking about game development and everything.

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